Machine Sequin Embroidery on Clothes

Sequin embroidery on t-shirts, sweaters and other clothes from 1 piece with shipping in Ukraine


How to Order


You fill the form on the website or call us.


You pay for the order with cash or credit card.


We complete your order from 1 to 5 business days.


We ship it to you in Ivano-Frankivsk or in Ukraine.


The exact price for the work depends on the complexity of the embroidery and is evaluated after creating the embroidery file.

For orientation, look at the examples of embroidery and their prices.

20.00 UAH

per 1000 stitches

Size: 24cm х 16cm
Stitches: 96673
Price: 1950 UAH

Size: 11cm х 6cm
Stitches: 2429
Price: 49 UAH

Size: 27cm х 20cm
Stitches: 23590
Price: 472 UAH

Size: 19cm х 19cm
Stitches: 18418
Price: 369 UAH


Each image requires the preparation of a file for the embroidery machine. Preparation costs from 50 UAH additionally for each unique image, depending on the complexity.

About Technology

Machine embroidery with sequins is the process of decorating clothes using shiny flat circles. Embroidery with sequins is becoming increasingly popular and has long been a fashionable addition to clothing and accessories. T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses can be designed with sequins or sparkles.

The possibilities of embroidery machines allow embroidery of complex patterns from sequins in the form of texts, logos or drawings on textiles. For embroidery, you can choose sequins of various sizes, shapes and colors. also sequins are glossy, imitating metal or wood.

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